For every dollar donated, VIDA is able to provide $150 in medical aid to people in need in Latin America. Support VIDA’s work by making a financial or in-kind contribution.

At this time of COVID-19 crisis in Peru – donations will directly support the shipment of containers to Lima. As of August 1, 2021 – we have two containers en route to Lima via sea. And we have two containers nearly ready to ship in the next 15 days. We need your support. Thank you.

• Since our founding, VIDA has made over 6800 shipments valued at over $750 million.

• In 2020 VIDA made 75 shipments, carrying over $60+ million in aid and diverting over 200 tons of viable medical supplies and equipment from Bay Area landfills .

Here are your online donation options – please understand your donation is 10x powerful!


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Donate online via Global Giving.


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Donate online via Universal Giving

Donate online via BENEVITY

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Volunteer hours are 11am-5pm M-F. You are welcome to help sort donated medical supplies year round.

Or mail a check to:

2424 4th Street G
Berkeley, California USA 94710