We are always open to volunteers to come into the Berkeley warehouse M-F from 11am-5pm.

We primarily need help sorting donated medical supplies. The boxes we receive from local hospitals come with a mix of different supplies, from bandages and syringes to respiratory and surgical equipment. In order to clear customs, everything needs to be organized categorically. Additionally, expired supplies need to be separated. Come on in, crank up the music and get sorting! You can come as an individual, with your friends, with a group or an organization.

We are located at 701 Dwight Way, Berkeley, California USA 94710, at the corner of 4th street. Wear close-toed shoes, layers and bring readers if you generally need them.

Click here for volunteer prep info PDF

Email us when you want to come in and how many are coming – Gracias! pattimangan@vidausa.org