Hospitals in Northern California are continuing to redirect surplus COVID supplies to VIDA to send to those countries that still need emergency supplies. In 2023 VIDA has sent over 70 shipments to Peru, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Uganda, India, Mexico, The Caribbean, Honduras, and Ukraine.

“Over 70 containers of supplies shipped…”

Peru is still are primary focus and Peru is still facing multiple challenges in overcoming the devastating COVID pandemic. Political chaos, social unrest, economic challenges, and flooding in March have magnified the COVID hangover.

As always, it is the poor who are impacted the greatest. In addition to the loss of life and housing, the already impoverished regions has lost critical infrastructure. Households, health facilities and educational institutions sitting in the floods path will take years to rebuild.

As always, VIDA is committed to responding to the long-term challenges and will remain on the ground for the long haul. VIDA is focusing on sending critical medical supplies and equipment to address immediate issues as well as helping to rebuild the healthcare infrastructure.

VIDA has staged three containers ready for shipment to Peru.

In addition we are staging a shipment to both Uganda and Ethiopia to close out the year.

As always, the cost of shipment remains an enormous challenge. VIDA counts on the generous support of others, including the GlobalGiving community to make our mission possible. We ask you today to join us by contributing to the costs of shipping this life saving aid to those in need.

By Adam See | Executive Director