Dear Friends of VIDA

2012 has been an extraordinary year for VIDA as we have shipped a record 43 containers thus far in 2012 carrying nearly $30 million in aid. We have once again witnessed the boundless generosity of people like you who have answered the call to ease the pain and despair of our less fortunate brothers and sisters in Latin America.

We are also proud to share that we are shipping our 400th container, sponsored by board member’s Al and Marta Rodriguez. This is an amazing milestone and is a testament to the vitality of the VIDA community.

But we are not quite done for 2012 as VIDA has an opportunity to do even more! VIDA currently has five containers of medical supplies, valued at $4 million, sitting in our warehouse ready for shipment.

However, to send these containers out by years-end, we need your help. The total cost to ship five containers is $35,000. Fortunately, our generous corporate supporter, Otis McAllister, is helping to defray some of the shipping costs. In addition, our partners are sending two containers in the coming week. If successful, we will send a total of 50 containers in 2012, carrying more than $40 million in aid, on an operating budget of $220,000. This means that for every $1 you donate, VIDA is able to send $160 in life-saving medical aid. This is an incredible accomplishment made possible by our dedicated VIDA volunteers, staff, and supporters.

VIDA honors the dignity of every individual throughout Latin America, from those living in the Andean communities of Peru, to the shantytowns of Haiti, to the coastal towns of Chile, to the urban centers of Ecuador. We are exceedingly grateful to all of our supports who have so generously given their time, talents, and treasures to our mission. Today, we ask you to help us reach our fundraising goal and bring the gift of VIDA to those in greatest need.


Haydée Rodríguez-Pastor

Adam G See
Executive Director

Please Donate Today!

$1,000 = 10 Hospital Beds
$500 = Medical supplies for 1,000’s
$250 = 100 walkers/crutches
$100 = Wound-care supplies
$50 = prenatal vitamins