Twenty-two members of the HRIMM medical team from Antioch, California hit the streets of downtown Lima at the doorsteps of the birthplace of St. Martin Deporres.

The team, comprised of doctors and nurses, went on a mission to provide healthcare to over 1,000 patients at the local VIDA project “Casa Hogar”.

The team provides basic internal medicine with a focus on the youth and the elderly. Casa Hogar runs both youth and senior programs.

The medical team set up shop right in tents right on the street to deliver healthcare in one of Lima’s poorest neighborhoods. The VIDA Peru team facilitated the transportation of over $250,000 in medicine and supplies to be used during the two week mission.

In addition, four 5th year Peruvian medical students joined the mission to hone their skills and learn from the physicians and nurses who work at some of the most prestigious medical schools in the United States. These students are working on a local program to establish ongoing care after the medical team leaves.

In addition, a VIDA container is due to arrive August 1, 2014. The shipment is carrying medical equipment and supplies to outfit the Casa Hogar clinic. The shipment is carrying hundreds of walkers, canes and other ambulatory items that will provide mobility to the program’s senior citizens.

This effort is the result of the hard work of VIDA Peru, HRIMM, Peruvian Ministry of Health, San Francisco Consul General of Peru and VIDA USA.