Global Giving report on Lima, Peru project

Prepared for worldwide Global Giving donors

VIDA Peru’s warehouse is filling up fast! Five containers carrying hospital beds, exam tables, walkers and crutches, along with other equipment and lifesaving supplies arrived in Lima over the past three months. In addition 2 air shipments of antibiotic medicine has also arrived to be distributed throughout greater Lima. These donations total over $6 million and will be distributed to over 20 clinics and hospitals including programs that work with patients suffering from HIV.

Beds and other equipment are an important donation that honors the dignity of every human being while also improving the morale of healthcare workers who struggle everyday just to provide basic care. Even access to sterile gloves and gowns makes a huge difference in the lives of the healthcare professionals.

VIDA is also working on a special program that will address the devastating impact that El Nino will have on those living in poverty. While El Nino may help the drought crisis on the west coast of the United States, it unfortunately will result in torrential rains that will wash away roads and rail lines and have an adverse impact on the local economies. In addition, El Nino has also resulted in severe flooding and landslides that has taken many lives as well as destroying homes and businesses in the most vulnerable communities.

VIDA is working with Paz Peru to produce thousands of kits for families that will contain first aid equipment, clothing and blankets. These kits will be distributed beginning in December 2015.

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